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In a reflection on what she calls “the future of time,” Toni Morrison discusses art that responds to moments of crisis with, as she puts it, “a mourning, a requiem, a folding away of the future.” She goes on to look for redemptive possibilities in expressive culture, on the grounds that “one looks to history for the feel of time [but] one looks to art for signs of its renewal.” I have argued that reading Morrison through Saidiya Hartman reveals signs of this renewal in the refusal of spectacle and the recovery of dailiness in (of all places) the film “Wakanda Forever.” This talk will expand on that earlier argument’s gesture at everyday aesthetics in part by recommending a distinctively Deweyan approach to the everyday.

Hybrid Attendance

We will pilot a hybrid version of this talk and will also make a recording to be made subsequently available on this website.

To attend the hybrid version on zoom, please follow this link.

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